All wax treatments are done using a soft wax to ensure the effective removal of unwanted hair, whether it be facial or body. The wax used is hyper-allergenic and gentle on all skin types. Our focus is to ensure that your wax treatment is as pain free as possible.


Micro-needling for collagen induction therapy stimulates fibro blast cells to repair as well as produce collagen and elastin production giving the skin tighter more youthful appearance. The Micro channels created by the micro needling allow for deeper penetration of active products. Micro needling is ideal for tightening and firming the skin, scarring, pigmentation and maintenance of a youthful look.


Facials that restore the beauty to tired and problematic skin. Turn back the clock on your skin's appearance.

RegimA Power Peels & Ttreatment's

Unfortunately as one gets older cell renewal slows down and one experiences wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation marks and more. RegimA Peel and Heal has a unique action which starts the skin removal process whilst stimulating underlying living layers, layers to produce collagen and elastin. Home care products have to be used with all peel treatments


Beautiful nail treatments using LCN and Bio Sculpture. With LCN and Bio Sculpture, fabulousness is literally at your fingertips while nail health and strength is what we are all about! Be healthy and strong while feeling smouldering at the same time and experience the difference!


I am a qualified professional make-up artist. 

I specialise in Day • Evening • Bridal • Matric Dance • Special Occasions • Special Effects

Lash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions are synthetic fibers attached to your own lashes, one by one, to add length, curl and volume. These lashes are a Profibre which are pourous allowing for effective adhesion. Have your Lashes looking Beautiful for any occasion.