Classic Guard Fogger - 300ml

ZAR 50.00

Sanizing and decontaminaon spray
Advantages: Easy to use, whole space disinfecon Virucidal and fungicidal properes Broad spectrum an-bacerial  Rapid disinfecng acon.
Available fragranced or fragrance free 
Ready to use Physical Properties:
Foam : None.
Specific Gravity : 0,79
Colour : Colourless and clear.
Odour : Typical, alcohol.
Hazards : Flammable.

How to use: Tidy the area to be disinfected. Close all windows and door openings of the area to be treated. Switch off all electrical appliances such as air condioners, fans and lighng. Open all cupboards and drawers. Place the aerosol in the centre of the room on a flat surface, preferably on the floor with a sheet of paper underneath the can. Place the nozzle away from yourself and depress the actuator unl locked in posion. The aerosol sprays directly upwards. Put down on the prepared floor area and leave the room immediately. Close the door. Leave the fog to sele or one hour and then vennte room for 30 minutes by opening all doors and windows before occupying it

For the vehicle fogger, Turn engine on. Turn air condioning on to full air recycle mode ensure all vents are opened fully. Ensure windows and doors are closed. Place aerosol upright on the floor or in a centralized place. Depress the dispenser cap unl it locks into place. Exit immediately and close door behind you. Wait 15 minutes before re-entering.
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Category Sanitising