DR DANA Nail Renewal System

ZAR 535.00

A manicure in a box? Nailed it.

Why would you turn to Dr. Dana, you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple – you want your nails to look their best. They’re your sweethearts. You care for them deeply. Whether you want to take a break from your fancy manicure, or face a constant struggle against ridges, discolouration and chipping, Dr. Dana has what you need to give your tips some TLC.

The result? Nails that look strong, smooth, and as visibly shiny as they would with a transparent polish. Except now? It’s all you – au naturel.

Better yet, you won’t have to leave the house to do it and it’ll be done in the blink of an eye. Just 10 minutes for the nails you always wanted. Nails that look healthy, lustrous and strong. You’ll be showing them off in no time.


Step 01: Glycolic Acid Prep for Nails
This is the first step in your adventure with Dr. Dana – featuring Gylcolic Acid for that essential nail exfoliation. Ensure that your nails are dry, clean, and unpolished. Twist the pen – this might take a few tries the first time but keep at it – and coat the droplet evenly across the nails of one hand. Repeat for your other hand. Let it sink in completely – the product itself, and how awesome it is – then move on to Step 02. Use once per week.

Step 02: Perfect grit priming wand
This multi-tasking wand has three levels of roughness to prime your nails, removing any damaged surface nail cells and setting you up for Step 3. Brush your nails with Surface 01 two to five times until you notice a fine powder. Repeat with Surface 02, and then finish up with Surface 03, pressing harder and sweeping back and forth to get those nails glowing. Use surface 01 and 02 just once per week. Use surface 03 no more than once per day to boost shine.

Step 03: Deep Hydrating Formula for Nails & Cuticles
You’re almost there! This innovative gel-oil is made with natural ingredients to leave your nails looking healthy, shiny and strong. Just like in step 1, twist the silver pen and brush the product across the entire nail – share the love with the surrounding skin and the cuticles as well (you can call them cute-icles after this). Repeat this step to your heart’s content throughout the week (no more than once per day), then take to the streets and show ‘em off. Doctor’s orders.