Nu Skin Liquid Body Bar

ZAR 340.00

Make every shower extraordinary. No shower is just a shower when you use Nu Skin Liquid Body Bar. This moisturising body wash will turn your daily scrub into an uplifting skincare experience. The aromatic scent of grapefruit is a joy to the senses, while the rich and creamy soap-free formula effectively washes away any dirt, oil, or impurities for that fresh, clean feel.
With a unique blend formulated to condition and moisten the skin, Liquid Body Bar offers an effective and gentle cleansing experience, giving every shower the perfect balance of freshness and hydration.


  • Provides the perfect balance of freshness and hydration.
  • Features an aromatic grapefruit scent and a rich, creamy, soap-free formula.
  • Gently removes dirt, oil and impurities.
  • A balanced pH formula protects the natural moisture barrier of your skin.