Scar Repair Forte

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Scar Repair Forté is a unique Super Strength Serum designed for ultimate scar management. All the ingredients in this technologically advanced formulation have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic and wound-healing capabilities, addressing every aspect of skin healing. Powerful cutting edge ingredients provide a cascade of interactions and reactions resulting in an arsenal of defence, increasing resistance to bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitical infections, “natural killers”, protecting and repairing during the critical initial healing phase.

Actives, at their maximum strength, accelerate the healing process, ensuring more rapid scar maturation, with balanced collagen synthesis, preventing ugly scar formation, achieving the very best, most aesthetically pleasing end result. It further acts on older hypertrophic and keloid scars (ugly, raised scars), promoting their maturation, helping flatten, reduce redness, itchiness, pain and improve function. Additional actives help treat red/purple stretch marks specifically as well as their prevention.

Most people will have to deal with a scar at some time in their lives. Life is not like in the movies and whether a scar is the result of an operation or trauma, if sutures were required, there is always going to be a visible scar. However, the way a scar is treated dictates the way it is going to look for life. We want to achieve a flattened pale scar that is not raised, itchy or painful.

Some are fortunate and heal well without intervention but most people need help to more rapidly mature scars and the sooner they start treating the scar properly the better end result one is going to achieve.

It is a fact that 30% of people develop dermatitis from some highly fragranced tissue oils or creams, particularly if applied to a new scar. One must avoid irritation and inflammation which may lead to pigmentation or can trigger ugly scar development.